Let us put by some hour of every day for holy things...

I will not doubt, though all my ships at sea
Come drifting home with broken masts and sails.
I will believe the Hand which never fails,
From seeming evil, worketh good for me.
And though I weep because those sails are tattered,
Still will I cry, while my best hopes lie shattered:
I trust in Thee.
--Ann Kimmel

Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines, the labor of the olive shall fail and the fields shall yield no meat, the flock shall be cut off from the fold and there shall be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. Habakkuk 3:17-18

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mid-Century Modern Projects, Or "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"

I've been into mid-century modern since before its current renaissance; the whole atomic era style calls to me and I've done as little as possible to resist its siren song.

But there's only so much stuff one house can contain and so, to indulge my mania without bringing in one more stick of furniture, I've resorted to refurbishing and reselling the old and rusted bits I find at garage sales. With my wire brush and sandpaper and trusty Rustoleum Rust-Reformer, I've embarked on a crusade to rescue these wonderful old cast-offs from the landfill. It's fun, satisfying, and, rather to my surprise, I've discovered I wield a mean can of spray paint!

Thought I'd share some of my summer projects with you, now that they're finished and listed in my shop:

This nifty rack had rust issues and wonky legs, but no more!

Refurbished Round Atomic Era Metal Magazine Rack

This is classic! I adore these handy little stands.

Atomic Black Formed Metal Table / Rack

This one's especially cool because it's reversible:

Fabulous MCM Reversible Metal Stand / Rack / Unusual Heart Shape
Nifty, huh?

I nearly went into a swoon when I found this one!
A MCM wire standing ashtray rack--with its ashtray intact!
This one had some rough, sharp bits that needed sanding, 
well as the typical rust issues, 
but now it's good to go for another 50 or 60 years!

Here's a full-length view:

Just finished this one, including having new glass shelves cut for it. Imagine someone hurling this beauty out!
Refurbished Vintage Metal and Glass Bathroom Shelf

And here's my crowning achievement; 
let me show you several views:

Refurbished Classic Gold Metal Swivel Vanity Chair

If you could have seen this thing when I brought it home--
it was disgusting! The foam rubber cushion had disintegrated, the orange velveteen cover was filthy, the base was damaged from dampness and was warped and gross... Suffice it to say, it was looking pretty nasty. I think even hard-core junking partner/sister-in-law Claudia was horrified when I insisted on hauling it home.

But with a new paint job, new cushion and cushion cover 
(made of era-appropriate vintage upholstery fabric I had on hand, mind you!), and even a new cardboard base, 
it's got new life and class!
I managed to clip out the original manufacturer's info and save it; "A Pacsco Original" from the Pacific Cage and Screen Company of Los Angeles... I was rather pleased to salvage that bit of history.

Well, enough of this for now. If you'd like to check out the rest of my refurbishing projects, check out my shop section, "I Made It, I Fixed It" at this link:

My shop can use all the help it can get! Visit! Click!! NOW!!!

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