Let us put by some hour of every day for holy things...

Think on th' eternal home,
The Saviour left for you;
Think on the Lord most holy, come
To dwell with hearts untrue:
So shall ye tread untired His pastoral ways,
And in the darkness sing your carol of high praise.

--from Keble's The Christian Year, Thoughts in Verse

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Coming Tomorrow: Prepare to Be Amazed

It was another gloomy Pacific Northwest Monday today, but the cloudy day had the proverbial silver lining: It moved me to finally finish and photograph a couple of projects that have been waiting a long time for completion.  They'll debut tomorrow, so you'll have to come back if you want to satisfy your curiosity!

In the meantime, here's a quick flick of one of the Strawberry Shortcake party bags I made for a customer in Australia, and that will just have to do until the next entry. I've got lots to do--my youngest is leaving for college in less than two weeks and we're doing a lot of packing up and preparing.  Talk to you again tomorrow!

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