Let us put by some hour of every day for holy things...

Think on th' eternal home,
The Saviour left for you;
Think on the Lord most holy, come
To dwell with hearts untrue:
So shall ye tread untired His pastoral ways,
And in the darkness sing your carol of high praise.

--from Keble's The Christian Year, Thoughts in Verse

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mystery Frames Revealed!

I'm sure you've been waiting with baited breath to see my new glasses. That is, if you read this earlier post:


(What is "baited" breath, anyway?)

Anyway, I went to collect them a few days ago, with much trepidation. I suppose the weirdly gothic thunderstorm, sudden torrential cloudburst, and unseasonly hail that came sweeping in just as I entered the optometrist's office was perhaps a portent of things to come.

The glasses were brought out for me to try on.

My first impression was that I suddenly looked like a cross between Sally Jessy Raphael.... (No! No! the younger version--please!)

Yeah, that one: 

and Ralphie, from A Christmas Story...

Actually, with my track record, this isn't a bad result. Though I did run out and buy a bottle of darker Clairol pronto to try and moderate the contrast between the dark frames and my increasingly washed-out middle-aged coloring.

I'll have to admit, though, that they're growing on me now that I've gotten used to them. 

Believe me, I've done worse... a lot worse...

Back when it all began...

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